Saturday, September 24, 2011

Splatter Farm (1987)

Two young twins are sent to spend time at their aunt's farm. What nobody knows is that the aunt's handyman is a psycho serial killer who dismembers his victims and stores their body parts in the barn.

Sounds like a blast right? Well depending on your personal taste, yes and no.

As regular readers of the site know, I love Shot on Video 80s horror. It's my favorite thing to watch, and there is rarely one I don't like, so obviously I love Splatter Farm.

I actually think they did a lot of stuff right in this movie.  Despite having zero budget, they manage to set up a good story and good overall tone.  I thought the gore was very well done, though some fx were really amateur. 

You HAVE to go into this movie actually paying attention and watching it.  Don't go into it and be like "oh my god, the acting is horrible" or " it looks like crap" or even "that looks so fake".  Go into it and pay attention to the story and you might get sucked in.

Now a little more detail into the movie.  There are a LOT of messed up things in this flick.  There is a 19 year old boy having sex with an overweight 65 year old woman, a man pooping a knife, a guy giving himself a handjob with a severed hand, same guy giving himself a blowjob with a severed head, gay rape, and the eating of poop.  All presented in classy SOV presentation. This movie doesn't waste time getting ridiculous either, the first scene before the title card even comes up is the one with the "Jeremy" character giving himself a handjob with the severed hand!

This is one of those flicks, like most 80s SOV flicks, that was a labor of love.  Just some dudes with a consumer camcorder (on a side note, they really shot it with a consumer camcorder purchased from Sears) making the movie they wanted to make.

I thought the Aunt in the movie (who is a necrophiliac and keeps her dead husband in the house) was freaking awesome. She really looked like some lady you would see in a grocery store down the street or something.  She really brought some authenticity (?) to the movie.  Her acting was really bad, but I felt like it added to the overall creepiness of her character.

Bottom line is, this movie isn't scary, but it can be pretty good.  It's one of those flicks that is decided by the viewer. Go in looking for a laugh, and you'll definitely get a laugh. Go in looking for a good story and serious flick, you'll (kinda) get that.  It's all in how you take it, but either way, I think you'll enjoy it.


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