Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lunch Meat (1987)

So I remember the box art to this flick when I was a kid. Totally Gruesome, Totally 80s Big Box. I was always too scared to rent it, so alas, I never got to see it, UNTIL NOW. Man, when I came across this bad boy while trolling through various vhs site, I about POOPED. I immediately looked for it.  When I found it, you would have thought it was my birthday.  Anyways, here is my review, and here is a look at the old school VHS cover I was talking about, if you've never seen it.

So basic plot point goes like this, Six high school seniors on a camping trip are ambushed by killer rednecks who kill their victims & sell the remains to a local hamburger joint. So obviously you have the killer rednecks hunting down the kids and killing/eating them.  Before too long, the kids fight back, managing to kill some of the rednecks.  

 This is 1980s Shot on Video Big Box Horror AT ITS BEST. I would rank this up there easily with Cannibal Campout, Video Violence 1&2, and Woodchipper Massacre as being some of the finest SOV Horror.  The score is complete 80s, the acting is pretty atrocious at times, and it looks like scratched shit.  I loved it. 

This movie is so entertaining, and I don't understand why it isn't more of a cult classic. As much as I love heavy hitters like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween, I would prefer this kind of stuff anyday.  This was made in a better time in history and there will never be a time period again where you are able to see movies like this.  It was a time when a guy could literally get his camera and record a movie in a weekend, spend a little money for box art, etc. and actually get it into a movie store.  It was incredible, and I hate that Hollywood has taken over so much, disallowing any kind of creativity of this level to be presented to the horror movie fan. Sorry, enough of my ranting, back to the movie.

Despite what you see on the VHS box cover, there is hardly any blood in this movie.You do get to see some gut munching, a hilarious decapitation (probably my favorite part), and some pretty horrible death effects.  I think this movie was a blast, but next time i'm going to drink some beers and add some friends, and I think the fun will multiply ten fold. 

I highly recommend this movie to everybody. Its seriously the most fun I have had watching a movie in a loooooooooong time and brought back so much nostalgia from when I was a kid.  A time when I picked a movie based on the biggest box and the goriest cover. Behind this movie you could just tell that the people in it had great love for the flick and were really having fun. Great stuff and I hope everyone gives Lunch Meat the chance it deserves.  On a partial side note, I created a petition targeting Anchor Bay Entertainment to try and get a Blu-Ray Special Edition of this film released. Please take a second, head over HERE, and sign it for me! Also HERE is the link for the facebook fan page I created/admin.

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  1. Nice. I remember this being at my video store when I was a kid. Sure I watched it but not 100% sure. I will have to track this down.