Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

So, Laid to Rest was one of my favorite horror flicks when it was released a few years back. It introduced us to a new iconic villain, over the top practical gore, and a decent story.  Its now 2011, and the sequel, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, has been released on VOD (Video on Demand).

Nervous as I was that the sequel would ruin my high regards for the original, I can happily say that it doesn't.  Director Robert Hall did an amazing job of taking the story in new directions and the pumping the gore and tension to almost insurmountable levels. I thought the movie had better acting, better effects (believe it or not), looked better overall, and entertained me more.

Ok, so the story starts out with our heroine from the original (now played by the lovely Allison Kyler (Scream Queens Season 2) and the hero from the original leaving the scene of carnage from the ending of Laid to Rest. They drive for a while and decide to stop at a hotel before parting ways.  At the exact same moment, back at the scene of carnage, the police arrive to find Chromeskull barely alive.  Brian Austin Green shows up acting like a dick and tells everyone to follow "protocol" and fix Chromeskull up.  He pulls out a cell phone and tracks the other cell phone (which the original 2 took when leaving). Upon doing this, he finds out the location of the other 2.  Next up we are back at the hotel and the original heroine is getting into the shower to wash off all the blood. What happens next I didn't expect. We actually see butt & boobs! Well let me rephrase that, I expected nudity but not from Allison Kyler, so double points! Ok, enough of my rant about Allison Kyler's nude scene. Brian Austin Green shows up and kills her (lame).  So anyways, after this we shortly find out that Chromeskull is the CEO (?) of some massive corporation and Brian Austin Green is like, his next in command?

I liked how the story expanded greatly on Chromeskull's character, but I feel they could have done more with the explanation. I don't think they went into it enough, and I was still left with some questions. I believe it had its good moments, but at times became too convoluted  I can only hope that this was done on purpose with the hopes of a sequel or prequel coming with more explanation.

Though I had some light problems with the story, I SERIOUSLY enjoyed Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 and want to see more sequels/prequels/whatever.  The gore was incredible, acting above par (I love that Danielle Harris is seeing more genre roles these days), and although the movie moved at a much slower pace that the original, I understand why (WAY more story involved in this sequel).

Every fan of Laid to Rest, slasher flicks, gore fans, or even horror in general NEEDS to see this flick. Great stuff and I hope to see more from the likes of Robert Hall, Allison Kyler, and Mr. Megan Fox (Brian Austin Green).

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  1. Brian Austin Green was indeed a dick, played the part super well. This marks the third actor from Sarah Connor Chronicles to show up in the Laid to Rest series.

    Acting better all the way around, absolutely. Just overall a better product. Loved the way it ended, too.