Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toscrew - Antiego Album Review

Hailing from Budapest comes Toscrew, a Blackened-Death Metal band with some killer tracks. Recently, Five by Five Records sent me several albums for review, and this was one of them.

I'll be honest, upon first reading the name of the band, "Toscrew", I was like what the hell. I mean, most bands have super brutal names and stuff these days, and this name just didn't stand out.  I'm thinking maybe it means something in another language or something.

On to the album, the tracks are fast and furious.  The guitars have a serious death metal crunch that will shake your speakers.  The bass and drums are in sync pretty well and keep everything at a roaring pace. Add on top of that, the high vocals and it goes well together.

At times, the vocalist channels powerful speed metal vocalists from the past, and at other points brings in thoughts of more modern death.  I dug the style of the vocalist, as it is somewhat different from the normal death metal out today. It was a speed/black/punk style of vocalist, and I dug it.

I can't neccesarily pick out a "favorite" track, as I pretty much liked them all. Lost in You was fast and kept my interest, and Ritual was one I definitely had on repeat several times. The dark overtones on all the tracks is really what sucked me in.

I gotta say, I really enjoyed the album, and I see these guys going places. They have the talent and sound to go places, and are 10x better than some of the signed bands out there. I recommend all of you go and check them out.

Check out their Facebook HERE.
Also, check out Five by Five Records on Facebook HERE.

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